Load Rite Trailers



We spent several months of research looking for a high quality, reasonable cost trailer to match with our sneakboxes.  Finally after comparing several of the leading brands we realized that Load Rite was the only choice.  For years, the name Load Rite has been synonymous with the words craftsmanship, style and value. Since 1980, Load Rite trailers have been designed and built with care to make them the finest trailers on the market.

Always striving for improvement, they are constantly refining and improving their trailers to meet the changing demands of industry. Each model is manufactured in their modern facilities to exacting standards that assure long-lasting service and value. Their engineering specialists use the latest in computer systems and software to aid in product design. Modern manufacturing techniques and their state-of-the-art factory assure you a trailer built to fit your needs.

Easy to load and unload, whether you're hauling an 11' jon boat, a pontoon boat, personal watercraft, motorcycle, snowmobile, a 34' sport boat or even some garden mulch - nothing makes the ride smoother, the launch and load easier than a Load Rite.

Why Load Rite?
Load Rite understands that you have more choices and less time than ever before. Their staff is often reminded that their growth and success are due to the thousands of customers like you who make the Load Rite choice, and their commitment to their customers is second to none!

Driven by Quality
Designed by engineers using disciplined stress analysis, state-of-the-art CAD technology, and stringent testing, they know what quality is because they design it into every trailer. Automated robotic welding, modernized tooling and high quality components are all important ingredients that make their trailers last longer.

Demanding Improved Performance
Load Rite believes in continuous improvement, not just model year changes but all year long. Their Research and Development team is constantly looking for new ideas and developing new products. Not only do they use their own designs, but they work in conjunction with their suppliers as well.

Committed to Service
Load Rite provides extensive parts sales and service to their Dealer network with daily UPS® shipping allowing their dealers to serve you quickly.

Protection of Your Trailer Investment
Whether it's salt water or fresh water, your trailer gets wet and moisture causes rust. Whether it's the inside OR outside Gatorshield® protection provides you with a finish on your Load Rite trailer that is tougher than paint. Need even tougher protection against the elements - their hot-dipped galvanizing delivers.

Not Just for Sneakboxes

While we do offer package deals and pair Load Rite trailers with our sneakboxes, we are also a full line Load Rite dealer and can match or beat most prices on any trailer.  Whether you’re hauling a larger boat, ATV, snowmobile, or even mulch, contact us to meet your needs.



Custom Trailer Capabilities

Electric Curtain Side Decoy/Freight Trailer

One area where we excel compared to other trailer (and boat) dealers is our full custom capabilities.  From double-decker boat trailers, to enclosed gear and decoy boxes, to anything else you can dream up, we can probably fabricate it in our shop in
Somerset, PA.  Give us a call!



More Items Coming Soon.  Check Back Often!!